Video Marketing – the Benefits of Using Videos to Promote Your Vancouver Based Service

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? A video is worth a million words! That’s right, videos are an important part of an overall Vancouver Search Engine Marketing campaign. On this page, you will find our expert advice and we truly hope that you will find it to be very beneficial.

Videos can be powerful and can convey emotions far more effectively than words can ever achieve. Video marketing is definitely one of the top marketing strategies for small businesses.

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Three Big Reasons Why Videos Can Help You Generate More Sales:

  • If you feature yourself or company employees in the video, the trust factor is raised significantly.
  • Videos increase the length of time potential clients stay on your site, giving your brand and services message longer to sink in.
  • Today people have less time on their hands and prefer to watch vs. read


The video below discusses more reasons for using videos:

Now, let’s dive into more details and see even more clearly the benefits of using videos on your website and other online marketing channels:

Video Helps You Make a Personal Connection with Prospective Clients

People like to do business with someone whom they know and someone whom they can trust. Video helps you become that person. This personal connection via video is so important especially for service providers, because in a sense what you are selling is yourself.

Video Speeds Up the Sales Process

In a traditional sales process, your prospective customer needs to find you first, then phone you and many of them would want to make an appointment to meet you in person. After these steps the potential client would most likely meet you in person and decide whether they want to do business with you or not. Having a video on your website would take at least a few of these steps out of equation.Online Video Marketing

When they find your website and watch your video presentation they are in a sense meeting with you and getting to know you better. As a result of that (and if you present yourself well in the video), many potential clients will be more comfortable calling you to use your services or at the very least you will be in a better position to close the sale.

Video Increases Visitor Engagement on Your Website

What are the benefits of this?

First, by staying longer on your website, potential customers get to know you more and learn more about your services and products. This will more likely result in a sale.

Second, Google actually measures the amount of time visitors stay on your website, and the longer they stay the better. What that tells Google is that your website provides quality content that is matching visitor’s keyword search term. As a result, assuming that your website is properly SEO-optimized, your organic search engine ranking will improve. If you are already ranking well, this will help you retain your high rankings.

If you host a properly optimized video on Youtube, or what we call YouTube Video Marketing, then you may gain additional organic search engine rankings or perhaps capture the audience that searches specifically via Youtube.

The Power of Video:

Video works for you 24/7 instead of you telling the same story over and over to different people. Also, you can add the same video on your website, your YouTube channel, your Facebook page, and other online assets that you have. By doing that, you are increasing your visibility and helping those who are looking for your services in Vancouver and other areas find you and choose you over your competition. Why? Because you are using videos that are well-optimized and that build trust and personal connection with prospective clients.

Please contact us for more info on how we can help you create SEO optimized and visitor engaging videos. Remember video marketing is a proven method and it will work for you as well!